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@Louis_Tomlinson: Hate saying goodbye :(

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What people miss about Laura is that she’s very funny and that she’s a very nice person. I think she’s distant only in that her consciousness wanders a bit. And she doesn’t do small talk. People always say she’s wise beyond her years, but she’s still a 23 year old in a lot of ways. She happens to be an exceptionally bright young woman and a very wise one but she’s still a young woman - Ethan Johns talking about Laura Marling

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You are the only person that I would allow to be shrunken down to a microscopic size and swim inside me in a tiny submersible machine.

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likeswafflesandnews: It looks gorgeous! I play around on Photoshop a lot but I've never gotten an effect like that. I'd sure love a small tutorial, when you have the time of course :) x

no problem :)

so to get a sort of gradient effect on the picture this is what you can do

1. once you have the image, select the layer, then select the “create new fill or adjustment layer” icon and then select gradient 

2. the gradient fill box will then pop up, you will need to click on the box to change the colour (not the drop down box) 

3. the gradient editor box should then appear, go down to the gradient type area where you can play around with the colour and opacity. To change the colour, select the small box as shown here:

4. the colour picker box will then appear. select preferred colour and click “ok” 

5. you can then change the angle of the gradient and you are done 

let me know if you have any other questions or if this didnt make sense :)

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"Hi! My name is Maisie Williams. I’m from Game of Thrones, and the one thing I would like people to remember from season three is the fact that my whole family got murdered."

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I thought I was upset because my parents are insane, but Ron just showed me the real reason.

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 Kaitlyn Keever

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Rose Leslie at the GoT Season 4 red carpet premiere